About Smartboat

What is SmartBoat?

SmartBoat is an effort to bridge the gap between expensive bleeding-edge marine tech and salty luddites by offering mature, easy-to-use digital products.

Our History

Honestly, there is no real so-called ‘history’ to speak of. What there is though, is a common theme among sailors… The one where you’ve gone ashore and you can’t really relax, enjoy the moment because… ‘Did I shut that stopcock?’. ‘Is my anchor set?’ ‘What’s the tide doing?’ ‘What if someone boards my boat?’ You know that nag, right? Well, there are solutions. They may not be foolproof, what is? But at least with the help of relatively simple tech skippers can rest a tiny bit easier and enjoy that island a little more, have a beer. Look over your shoulder a little less often. That’s where SmartBoat was conceived, on the cusp of skippers’ paranoia and the digital age.   

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Our Vision

You know that old narrative? The one where if it’s got ‘marine’ written on it, add a zero or even two to the price. While it’s obvious that in marine applications things need to be robust and reliable, we all know that it’s not always the case, especially in these days of mass production.  Well, I’m convinced there’s a middle ground. A place where Average Joes with recreational boats can also have security alarms and get AIS and GPS overlaid on a tablet or chartplotter. Why not? Tech is ubiquitous these days, and robust. Why not use it, even on those classic and cool old and new boats we individually love? Besides, it’s not to brag or preen, it’s actually safer. Redundancy, you know, it’s a good thing. 

Customer feedback


A happy customer is a Smart sailor.